While border crossings are reaching an all-time high, Vice President Harris is nowhere to be found. 

It has now been 86 days since the Vice President was appointed as the Biden Administration's 'border czar,' yet she still has zero plans to visit the crisis and see the problem first hand. 

As Harris botches our border security, Axne is praising her. At a recent town hall Axne said, "I think what Vice President Harris is doing is what we need to be doing, what we should have done ages ago, which is going down and work with those countries where people are coming from.”

This comes after Axne's state party Chair Ross Wilburn called the crisis at the Southern border 'fake.'

"Democrats are either lying to their constituents about the status of our Southern border or they're turning a blind eye, and either way, it's dangerous," said Republican Party of Iowa Communications Director Kollin Crompton. "Now is the time for action. To solve our country's immigration crisis, we must implement policies that work."


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