As reported by The Storm Lake Times, Cindy Axne is already looking for greener pastures. 

After a mere three months and barely anything to show for it, Axne is already putting her political future ahead of Iowans. 

Let's remember, there is a humanitarian crisis raging at our Southern border which Axne has not addressed. Her long list of policy failures have led to: 

Iowans have not forgotten that Axne was complicit in Rita Hart and Nancy Pelosi's attempt to overturn a state-certified election. While she sat in her cushy D.C. office, Iowans raised their voices and defeated the Pelosi machine.

Now, Axne is avoiding even more problems. President Biden's "infrastructure" bill would destroy Iowa's biofuels industry. But while Republicans have firmly voiced their opposition, Axne continues to waiver. 

"Nancy Pelosi's biggest rubber stamp is Cindy Axne, it's no wonder the D.C. swamp loves her so much," said Republican Party of Iowa Chairman Jeff Kaufmann. "While Axne continues to carry water for the most liberal costal Democrats, her Iowa constituents pay the price back here. She would be wise to remember, a U.S. Senator is elected by all Iowans, not just those in Polk County."


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