Yesterday, Cindy Axne backed the Biden Administration's push to end Title 42 - a Trump-era policy that gives Border Patrol the right to expedite deportations of illegal migrants. Axne's blind support of Biden's policies should come as no surprise since she's voted with Biden 100 percent of the time since Democrats took power. What should surprise you is Axne's justification for backing Biden's disastrous policy.

In an interview with Racoon Valley Radio, Axne said, "It’s really just about when you’re in a pandemic or any other specific issue that your country is facing, the federal government has authority to put pieces in place to protect you. When that ends, you’re supposed to take those pieces out.”

This is a complete turnaround compared to Axne's previous comments about pandemic policies. To claim, "when that ends, you're supposed to take those pieces out," about Title 42, but supporting the continuation of the Biden Administration's mask mandate on public transportation is complete hypocrisy.

Axne, and the Democrat Party as a whole, want complete control over Iowans' lives. There is no logic to it anymore - it's about power.

"Axne can't seem to find where she stands on pandemic issues," said Republican Party of Iowa Communications Director Kollin Crompton. "Axne's hypocrisy is on full display, along with her undying loyalty to Joe Biden. Both will help end her career in Congress come November."


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