Yesterday, Cindy Axne released her first ad of the election cycle - exploiting a local Des Moines tragedy to smear Zach Nunn. 

Everyone knew Axne was in the fight of her life, but nobody knew just how desperate she was and how low she was willing to go. 

Let's be clear: Axne is lying. Here is what Iowa media is saying: 

KCCI: “The bill itself had virtually nothing to do with the accident at Adventureland that day.”

Des Moines Register: “In the ad, Axne attacks Nunn for sponsoring legislation in 2021 that lowered the minimum age for operating amusement park rides from 18 to 16 to help ease staffing shortages… Axne ties the two issues together in the ad, even though the ride's operator that day was over 18.” 

Iowa Field Report: “Axne tried to use this bill to exploit the tragedy of a child’s death by saying the bipartisan bill caused the death to happen. Despite Axne’s claim, it has been widely reported that the ride operators at the time were both over 18.” 

While Axne went after Zach Nunn, she also went after her own State Party Chair Ross Wilburn and House Minority Leader Jennifer Konfrst in the process. Both voted for the same bill that Nunn sponsored. After being accused of murder by his own Congresswoman, Wilburn was "unavailable" for comment.

"Iowans are sick of the Washington, D.C. lies. Axne and Biden destroyed our economy and our energy independence, yet Axne continues to dismiss the worries Iowans have about our country's future all to play politics with her disgusting ad," said Republican Party of Iowa Communications Director Kollin Crompton. "Iowans are fed up with the Democrat agenda and they are tired of Axne's games." 


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