Yesterday, the Washington Times asked Cindy Axne, Iowa's lone Democrat, for comment on the concerning rise of inflation. In typical fashion, Axne proves how out of touch she is and declined to comment

This makes Axne's most recent on the record comments the only ones to point to. These prior comments are dismissive and show either Axne fails to comprehend inflation concerns or that she is lying to cover for Joe Biden's disastrous agenda. Here are her past comments: 

Remember, yesterday we got firm evidence that inflation is here to stay.

"Inflation is crushing Iowans and Cindy Axne cannot even provide comment on how her party is going to address Iowans' concerns. Instead, she is far more focused on passing her socialist wish list that will implement the largest tax hike in decades while providing relief for wealthy coastal elites," said Republican Party of Iowa communications Director Kollin Crompton. "Iowans have come to expect less and less out of Axne, but this inability to address a major crisis could show Iowans that she is just as incompetent as Joe Biden."


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