This morning Cindy Axne revealed she toured the West Des Moines Police virtual simulator. It's convenient timing since the NARAL, a national advocate for defunding the police and extreme anti-life views, endorsed her just yesterday

In a tweet, Axne says, "I’m committed to ensuring our local police departments and first responders always have the resources they need to be well-trained and well-equipped while helping Iowans." However, this is in complete contrast with the NARAL. Here was the NARAL's statement on defunding the police in April: 

"This is the type of Washington D.C. double-speak Iowans despise, and Axne doesn't get to have it both ways," said Republican party Communications Director Kollin Crompton. "As Democrats across the country advocate for defunding the police, Axne needs to tell Iowans where she stands. She shouldn't be using Iowa's law enforcement has a political smokescreen to cover for her actions in D.C."


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