DES MOINES - Democrats know Baccam is the wrong choice for Iowa, and now they have to try to make him into someone he's not. The REAL Lanon Baccam is a paid activist with a radical past, who ignores Iowans and cozies up to billionaires and west-coast elites to fund his entire campaign. Lanon knows he does not have support in Iowa, so he has to go out of state to receive any type of donation.

Lanon Baccam is so out-of-touch that he has west-coast progressive activist George Takei fundraising for his campaign. Lanon is pretending to be a public servant and a real Iowan, but enlisting celebrities to fundraise for him is as detached as you can possibly be.

Additionally, Lanon is receiving campaign funding from billionaire families that have been tied to funding student groups on college campuses who are responsible for the violent anti-Israel protests (something Lanon Baccam has STILL not condemned). Lanon's campaign has accepted donations from both the radical Pritzker and Rockefeller campaigns while he parades around Iowa claiming to be a man of the people.

Lanon puts it best himself: "Our campaign will have the resources to compete at the highest level." 

"The only reason Lanon has fundraising resources is because his campaign is fueled by the most extreme liberals in Hollywood and the coastal elites," said Luke Wolff, Iowa GOP Spokesman. "While Congressman Zach Nunn is out serving the people of Iowa, Lanon is dodging the media so he can avoid taking on a firm stance on any issue whatsoever. He still will not speak out on the violence happening against Jews, either abroad or here in America. Go to Lanon's Facebook page and find me one concrete stance he has taken on an issue that actually impacts Iowans. You can't."


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