DES MOINES -- Earlier today, Massachusetts liberal Elizabeth Warren endorsed candidates who support her radical, far-left policies that are completely out-of-touch with middle America. This includes a $52 trillion plan for a government takeover of health care, and support for the $93 trillion Green New Deal. Both would result in monumental tax hikes on the backs of hard-working Iowans and require massive government intervention. 

Iowans in the first district should be concerned that Rep. Abby Finkenauer was on Warren’s endorsement list:

Instead of standing up for her constituents, Finkenauer already has a history of doing whatever the party bosses want -- whether it’s voting for impeachment or doing nothing while Pelosi celebrated blocking small business relief funding while snacking on ice cream. 

Now that she’s received the endorsement from one of the most far-left Senators in the country, her actions will stray even further from the Iowa values her constituents sent her to Congress to represent. 

Coastal values are not Iowa values.


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