DES MOINES -- Freshman Reps. Cindy Axne and Abby Finkenauer had a very tough week in Washington. The Congresswomen, hailing from Trump +4 districts, managed to fly in the face of their constituents on not one, but two major issues: impeachment and immigration.

As Pelosi caved on impeachment -- proving the Democratic party now belongs to the far-left members of her caucus -- the rest of her puppets were quick to embrace the latest impeachment witch hunt. On Wednesday, Cindy Axne came out in full support of the Democrats’ baseless impeachment inquiry, and Abby Finkenauer wasn’t far behind.

And today, Axne and Finkenauer both voted to block President Trump’s emergency declaration to build a border wall. Instead of working on getting results for Iowans and focusing on things that matter like the USMCA, they choose to obstruct and resist this President at every turn.

The path to taking back the House majority runs right through their congressional districts. As they head home for a two week recess, Reps. Axne and Finkenauer will have a lot to answer for -- they continue failing to secure our borders or pass the USMCA, so Iowans will undoubtedly be wondering why their Representatives are incapable of focusing on anything other than impeachment.


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