We're only a few months into the Biden Presidency and already the country has been thrown into chaos. There has not been a starker contrast between the Republican agenda and Biden's inability to lead our nation. 

The crisis at our border is worsening. 

Yesterday, it was reported that in April the number of illegal immigrants apprehended at the border reached a 20 year high. This crisis is because the Biden Administration halted policies that deterred illegal crossings at the border. 

There is a gas shortage.

As of this morning, nearly a quarter of all gas stations in North Carolina are without gas. Roughly 15 percent of gas stations in Georgia and Virginia are also without gas. 

People are panicking according to one worker in North Carolina and the average price of gas has hit a six and half year high. Worse still, Psaki says Biden is still considering cancelling down more exising piplelines. 

Our country's strongest ally is under attack. 

From day one, the Biden administration has signaled to Hamas and terrorists that our country's relationship with Israel is not a priority. As thousands of missiles continue to attack our allies, the Biden Administration does nothing. 

"Not one American worker woke up this morning giving a damn about D.C.'s Liz Cheney parade," said Republican Party of Iowa Communications Director Kollin Crompton. "What they are worried about is if they will be able to make it to work next week, if their kids are going to be in the classroom this year, and what economy their children will inherit. The Biden Administration is failing and Americans are paying the price."


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