Over the weekend, Samantha Power, speaking for the Biden Administration, joined CBS' "Face the Nation" celebrating fertilizer shortages, which are causing even more economic stress on Iowa's farmers and producers. The Biden Administration and Democrats in Washington are using the rising costs of inputs, Biden's inflation and now the war in Ukraine as an opportunity to push their extreme, libearl agenda on Iowa's farmers. Her main point: "never let a crisis go to waste." 

While Power tries to blame Russia for the rise in fertilizer prices, in fact, fertilizer prices were up before Russia invaded Ukraine. Prices for some inputs were up roughly 215 percent in February - weeks before the invasion. Iowa farmers are facing the brunt of inflation, on the input and output side, but the Biden Administration would rather deflect blame and use this economic disaster as a method to push their radical agenda, rather than provide real solutions to help Iowa farmers. 

"The Biden Administration continues to be completely tone deaf to the challenges that rural Americans face every day. As I talk with farmers all across Iowa, they are concerned about input prices that have surged 200% over the last year and disruptions in the supply chain that are further driving up costs. With food and fuel prices already soaring, consumers will continue to see higher prices," said Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Mike Naig. "Democrats in Washington DC have done too little to address the runaway inflation that was caused by their reckless appetite to spend. Ultimately, hard-working Americans will continue to bear the brunt of Biden's Inflation Tax."


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