Today's new Consumer Price Index numbers show a concerning trend: real wages have fallen for 17 months straight.

While Iowans' pay continues to fall, the rise in prices for everyday goods puts life out of reach.

These numbers also show that grocery prices saw their largest increase in 43 years. Inflation is showing no signs of slowing down, yet Iowa Democrats like Cindy Axne continue to praise Joe Biden for his job as president. Let's be clear: Joe Biden has given Iowans the Great American Pay Cut over his time in office.

Axne's undying support for Joe Biden hasn't gone unanswered. Just this morning, the NRCC released a new ad called "All an Act" focused on Cindy Axne's 100 percent voting record with Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi. The ad continues to hit Axne over her votes to worsen inflation.

"You can't spend your way out of inflation," said Republican Party of Iowa Chairman Jeff Kaufmann. "Iowans are facing higher prices at the grocery store while having their paychecks cut. These are the real-life consequences of the Democrats' mismanagement. In November, they must be held accountable or else it will only get worse."


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