For the first time, Attorney General candidates Brenna Bird and Tom Miller made a joint appearance on Iowa Press and Bird did not hold back - proving she is giving Miller the fiercest reelection race of his career. While Tom Miller has focused on defending Joe Biden and other Democrat states, Bird has been building a campaign based on Iowans and their needs.

Time and time again in this debate, Miller showed he's already retired from his job. It's time Iowa had an Attorney General that will defend its laws, rather than Democrat leaders.

Bird started by calling Miller out for not meeting with law enforcement over his decades of service as Attorney General. "The thing I do is meet with law enforcement, regardless of their party affiliation. I meet with Sheriffs, police chiefs, and others involved in law enforcement and public safety," Bird said. "Uniformally, they tell me they've never met the Attorney General." 

Bird goes on to tell the story of Appanoose County Sheriff Gary Anderson who has served as Sheriff since 2001, spent his entire career in law enforcement, was the head of Sheriffs and deputies, and served as the head of the Iowa State Association of Counties. Sheriff Anderson has not once met  Miller - yet Miller is the highest ranking law enforcement official in the state. 

"That will change when I'm Attorney General, I'll work with law enforcement," Bird said at the end.

Later in the debate, Bird singled in on Miller's inability to do his job. "When you have a lawyer who won't do their job and you have to force them to do their job, definitely need a new lawyer," said Bird. 

Miller tries to go on the defensive saying Republicans were merely objecting to the job he was doing. However, Bird slams him for not even defending Iowa against the dangerous Waters of the United States rules. "That's not true either because, for things like Waters of the United States, Terry Branstad had to do that lawsuit, but not you. Your name was not part of who was suing there. It was in the name of the Governor of Iowa, and there's a long record of that. Where you wouldn't put your name on it or take your name off of lawsuits," Bird objected.

Bird's campaign is not holding back. Just last week, Bird received $1,000,000 from The Republican Attorneys General Association.

You can watch the full episode of Iowa Press here.

"Brenna Bird is giving Tom Miller the fight for his political career, and Miller is completely unprepared," said Republican Party of Iowa Chairman Jeff Kaufmann. "Iowans deserve an Attorney General who will fight for them - not Joe Biden and the Democrat establishment. In November, things will change!"


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