Today marks 18 days since Iowa small business owners sent a letter to Theresa Greenfield demanding answers on her record of kicking Windsor Heights small businesses to the curb in favor of a multinational corporation.

On Tuesday, Iowa GOP Chairman Jeff Kaufmann and Jacob Handsaker, who signed the letter to Greenfield, joined Simon Conway to discuss Greenfield’s blatant disregard for Iowa small businesses.

LISTEN: “We got a little problem with Theresa Greenfield, and it is that she won’t answer questions”

Here is part of the exchange between Conway and Handsaker:

Handsaker: No, we unfortunately have not received any response from Theresa as of yet.

Conway: I find this genuinely shocking -- that someone that wishes to represent all Iowans -- won’t talk to a bunch of Iowans that might not agree with her…

Handsaker: Well, I’d kind of like to think that’s kind of the point of holding a public office -- being able to talk to everyone and do the best for everybody. It’s pretty tough to run on one side of the coin.

Listen to the full interview by clicking here. 


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