Once again, Chuck Schumer and Senate Democrats are blocking common-sense legislation -- this time, Sen. Tim Scott’s JUSTICE Act. This police reform bill would increase data collection on no-knock warrants, provide more body cameras and de-escalation training, and will set up a bipartisan commission on the Social Status of Black Men and Boys, among other things.

But Democrats are hellbent on shutting it down, refusing to even come to the table. Senators Chuck Grassley and Joni Ernst were quick to criticize obstructionist Democrats for playing politics:

On America’s Newsroom, Sen. Ernst called on congressional Democrats to follow Iowa’s example, after the legislature swiftly passed a reform bill unanimously. “[The JUSTICE Act] would allow our police to do their job, while maintaining the safety of the public,” Sen. Ernst said. “And why would the Democrats not want that?”

Predictably, we have yet to hear from Theresa Greenfield on where she stands on this latest obstructionist action by her party boss, Chuck Schumer.

Iowans deserve to know: Does Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Theresa Greenfield back Schumer’s filibuster to block common-sense police reform?

When Iowans demand change, they look to strong leaders to act. Greenfield’s silence on the issue once again proves she is not prepared to lead. 


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