As gas prices and inflation continue to rise under Joe Biden, Democrats have tried time and time again to blame anything else for their policy failures. Right now, Biden blames Putin. But last year, Democrats blamed the supply chain crisis and "skewed numbers," U.S producers, and even Joe Manchin.

Iowans are not buying "Putin's Price Hike," but that doesn't mean Joe Biden has stopped pushing it. Now, longshot Congressional candidates like Christina Bohannan are following the same doomed path as Biden. At an event in Mahaska County, Bohannan blamed rising inflation and gas prices on the war in Ukraine.

Here's the reality, inflation and gas prices were both already rising at concerning rates well before Putin invaded Ukraine. As the Biden Administration has a well-documented history of waging war against American energy, Democrats should stay far away from his energy policies. However, Bohannan seems to be falling right in line.

"Bohannan is proving that she will stand by Joe Biden's side no matter what - even if it means not following the facts," said Republican party of Iowa Communications Director Kollin Crompton. "Iowans know Democrats are lying to them and trying to cover up the failures of their economic agenda. It's time Democrats start telling the truth."


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