Yesterday, Christina Bohannan told KCII Radio that she "owes her life" to "strong public education." However, Iowans know actions speak louder than words.

Bohannan sends her daughter to a private schoolwas a Trustee of the private school, and served as the President of the private school's foundation in 2013. For someone who claims to support public education, Bohannan's actions don't live up to her claims. What it does show is that Boahanan will pander to potential political supporters so she can win an election. 

If elected to Congress, Bohanan would join forces with the most out-of-touch liberals in Congress - promoting Critical Race Theorysupporting the Green New Deal, and abetting Joe Biden in destroying our nation's economy.

"While Christina Bohanan's own child has enjoyed a private education, she doesn't support low-income Iowans having the same access," said Republican Party of Iowa Communications Director Kollin Crompton. "An elitist professor to her core, Bohanan will say and do anything to win. If elected, she will side with Joe Biden and radical leftists in Congress every chance she gets - it's why Iowans must reject her in November."


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