DES MOINES -- In a tweet on Thursday, Rep. Axne highlighted the struggles rural hospitals are facing amid the COVID-19 pandemic. What she conveniently ignores is her support for the public option, which would bankrupt rural hospitals right here in Iowa.

Under the so-called public option, which Axne and several other out-of-touch, coastal Democrats champion in Congress, rural hospitals in Iowa could lose $476 million in revenue -- forcing up to 52 rural hospitals to shut their doors

Adding a public option would bring major changes to our current system and completely overhaul the Medicare system as we know it. While it is predictable that coastal Democrats would not consider the public option’s ramifications on rural communities, anyone that wants to represent Iowans, especially in a rural district, owes it to them to stand up for rural health care -- not spew disingenuous and purely partisan talking points. 

“Cindy Axne likes to say she supports rural Iowa hospitals, but she is a known supporter of a policy that would completely destroy them and leave rural Iowans behind,” said Aaron Britt, spokesman for the Republican Party of Iowa. “Iowans will see through this and vote for a proven leader, a voice for rural Iowa, David Young, come November.


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