Good morning folks – Between a front-page story about Bruce Braley threatening legal action against his neighbor over chickens, Governor Branstad blasting the Democrat nominee and a liberal outside group offering free fair tickets, parking and food in exchange for attempting to create problems while Joni Ernst delivered a speech honoring the service and sacrifice of Iowa's veterans at the State Fair, it was another bad week for Washington liberal Bruce Braley. The Weekly Hawkeye Roundup … The front page of the Washington Post reports that Bruce Braley threat...

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Don’t Be Chicken Just Tell The Truth Bruce

DES MOINES – With more details coming to light regarding a dispute with his neighbors over chickens, Washington liberal Bruce Braley is now saying that he never threaten a lawsuit.  The fact remains, Braley contacted a lawyer and that prompted the Holiday Lake Owners’ Association to incur $1,700 in legal expenses. “Washington liberal Bruce Braley is using legal jargon to confuse Iowans, while he claims he wasn’t going to sue his neighbor over chickens, he contacted a lawyer to do his dirty work,” said Republican Party of Iowa spokesman Jahan Wilcox.  ...

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WSJ: In Iowa, Rand Paul Tries to Find Common Ground

Cody Hoefert, co-chairman of the Iowa Republican Party, said he had never heard such a proposal from a potential presidential candidate. "I expect that will be one thing that will differentiate the senator from some of the other candidates who run for president," he said. "Iowa caucusgoers are very educated and very conservative."

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A Three Pinocchio Lie On Social Security And Medicare

KEY TAKEAWAY:  "As with the previous ad, this is another case of the kettle calling the pot black. It is a bit more policy-oriented than the Kentucky Opportunity Coalition ad, but these are attacks right out the Democratic playbook, based on the slimmest of reeds. Thus it is also worthy of Three Pinocchios." Senate Majority PAC’s Attack On Ernst The Washington Post Glenn Kessler September 4, 2014 “Follow the money. It’s the oldest rule ...

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Iowa GOP Kaufmann press conference

Sen. Rubio on Iowa’s U.S. Senate race

Sen. Johnson on Iowa’s U.S. Senate race

Speaker Paulsen races in ‘Night of Destruction’

Opening Remarks From VA Hearing That Bruce Braley Missed Centered On Long Wait Times 

66 Percent Of Our Veterans Had To Wait Over 125 Days To Receive Care From The VA DES MOINES – With Bruce Braley claiming that he missed the Veterans’ Affairs performance and accountability hearing for another hearing where he was never seen sitting in his chair or uttering a single word, today the Republican Party of Iowa is telling him what he missed from this VA hearing. House Veterans' Affairs Chairman Jeff Miller began the hearing by expressing his concern for delays experienced by veterans seeking mental health care.  Miller proceeded to state that two-th...

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Bruce Braley’s Decision To Skip 78 Percent Of His Veterans’ Affairs Committee Hearings

Quad City Times Reports That Braley Skipped 15 Of 20 Veterans’ Affairs Committee Hearings.  “Democratic Senate hopeful Bruce Braley is being criticized for missing most of the full Veterans Affairs Committee hearings held in 2011-12, when he was on the panel.  Braley, a Democratic congressman from Waterloo, missed 15 of 20 committee meetings, including two joint sessions with the Senate, and Republicans say this shows he puts little priority on veterans issues.”  (Ed Tibbets, GOP Hits Braley On VA Panel Attendance, The Quad City Times, 07/23/14) Quad City ...

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