China's wet markets have been reportedly linked to the coronavirus outbreak as well as the 2002 SARS outbreak, and Iowa’s Senator Joni Ernst is leading a bipartisan group of Senators to ban U.S. tax dollars from being used to help finance them.

But, do Theresa Greenfield, Michael Franken, Eddie Mauro, Kimberly Graham and Cal Woods support Ernst’s efforts?

READ MORE: Ernst leads charge to ban tax dollars from being used at China’s wet markets

Senators from both sides of the aisle agree: Our taxpayer dollars shouldn’t be spent buying animals from Chinese wet markets. Like Senator Ernst said“As Iowans, and all Americans, continue to battle COVID-19, we need to do all we can to ensure something like this never happens again. That includes preventing any more American tax dollars from going to unregulated ‘wet markets’ in China.” 

This bipartisan effort to put an end to this wasteful and reckless use of taxpayer dollars begs the question: Do Iowa Democratic candidates for U.S. Senate Michael Franken, Kimberly Graham, Theresa Greenfield, Eddie Mauro, and Cal Woods agree that the government shouldn't spend taxpayer dollars on buying animals from these wet markets? 

Iowans deserve to know if they support Sen. Ernst's latest attempt to Make Washington Squeal. 


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