DES MOINES, Iowa -- Despite her disingenuous rhetoric to the contrary, failed real estate executive Theresa Greenfield is allowing outside groups, dark money, and corporate lobbyists, executives and CEOs to try and buy this Senate seat for her -- and the numbers are staggering.

Like Sen. Ernst said in the first Senate debate, Greenfield complains about “too much” money in politics on one hand, but then has the other behind her back hypocritically accepting all the dark and out-of-state money she can find. The number has now passed $100 million, coming from corporate lobbyists, executives, and CEOs donating to her campaign, Chuck Schumer’s Senate Majority PAC, the DSCC, the radical League of Conservation Voters, and several others.

Live look at Theresa Greenfield’s campaign:

Reminder: She has also been caught two times illegally coordinating with outside groups, and she was caught red-handed accepting illegal excessive contributions.

“Theresa Greenfield rails against money in politics, but she's bought and paid for by Chuck Schumer, coastal liberals, radical outside groups that want to implement a Green New Deal, and corporate lobbyists, executives, and CEOs,” said Jeff Kaufmann, Chairman of the Republican Party of Iowa. “She is the most hypocritical candidate Iowa has ever seen. This is why Iowans simply can’t trust Theresa Greenfield.”


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