Team Joni released an update to an ad exposing Two-Faced Theresa’s hypocrisy over her phony pledge not to accept “one dime” in corporate donations. New reports show that Theresa Greenfield has taken $700,000 -- that’s SEVEN MILLION DIMES -- in donations from corporate lobbyists, executives, and CEOs. 

The lobbyists, executives, and CEOs that make up Greenfield’s donor list are from the very industries that Theresa Greenfield frequently rails against, including big oil and drug companies. 

Yet Greenfield continues repeating the claim, intentionally misleading Iowa voters. It begs the question: If Theresa Greenfield is willing to manipulate the truth about the source of her donations, why should Iowans trust anything she says?

Bottom line: Despite repeated claims she doesn’t take a dime from corporations, Theresa Greenfield has taken over seven million dimes from corporate lobbyists, CEOs, and executives representing big oil and pharmaceutical companies -- using this outside money to spread lies while hiding from Iowans and the press.


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