Last week, 2020 Democratic candidates for president took to the debate stage to make clear that their party’s policies are now more radical than that of Barack Obama. In particular, Politico noted the “heavy scrutiny” over former President Obama’s signature ObamaCare.

Whether it’s Joe Biden “ObamaCare 2.0” (described as “a new government-run public insurance option” with a $750 billion dollar price tag and a requirement that taxpayers foot the bill for abortions) or  Bernie Sanders’ government-run health care plan (which a recent George Mason University study found “would boost government health spending by $32.6 trillion over 10 years, requiring historic tax hikes”), a socialist government-run health care agenda is taking hold within the party.
Now, Democratic Senate candidates are weighing in as well:

“Eddie Mauro, Kimberly Graham and Michael Franken have all made clear that they support government-run health care,” said RPI Chairman Jeff Kaufmann. “Theresa Greenfield, on the other hand, spends more time posting about her endorsements from liberal coastal elites than taking questions from Iowans at public town halls. Which government-run health care plan does Greenfield support? Biden’s ObamaCare 2.0 or Sanders’ $32 trillion agenda? Iowans deserve answers as to where Democratic Senate candidates like Theresa Greenfield stand.”


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