Deidre DeJear is a contributor to the Des Moines magazine Urban City - a magazine known for making anti-law enforcement statements. In an op-ed, DeJear takes the radical stance of comparing Iowa's popular Voter ID law to a "modern day poll tax." DeJear's comparison of Voter ID laws to post Civil War Southern states' effort to prevent Black people from voting is a radical stance. In February 2017, the Des Moines Register's Iowa Poll found that nearly 70 percent of Iowans are in favor of requiring a government-issued ID to vote. That includes 71 percent of registered independents.

Iowans should be alarmed by the type of rhetoric that comes out of DeJear's column, as well as the organization which she supported with her contribution. In the same issue where DeJear's op-ed is published, an article compares law enforcement to the KKK. DeJear has yet to denounce this.

"DeJear's radical stance on Voter ID is just one example of the extreme positions she will take on the campaign trail to try and galvanize her base. DeJear clearly doesn't support common sense election integrity measures," said Republican Party of Iowa Chairman Jeff Kaufmann. "These are the type of ideas DeJear would govern our state with and Iowans obviously oppose it. She is far to radical to be governor and should publicly denounce the radicial views of this magazine."


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