DES MOINES -- Although the Democratic presidential candidates have left Iowa, the divisive, contentious Democratic Senate primary is heating up. While Republicans remain unified and more energized than ever, tensions are already running high and the mudslinging is underway among the Democrats that have announced their candidacies in the primary for Iowa’s U.S. Senate seat. 

Michael Franken – Just after moving back to Iowa from Washington, D.C., Franken announced his candidacy for Senate. Having missed the nod from the DSCC and other DC Democratic groups, Franken has expressed his frustration with national Democrats meddling in the Senate primary, calling the DSCC’s lack of contributions to veterans’ campaigns a “weird injustice.”

Though he touts himself as the candidate most ready to do the job, it’s tough for voters to know what he’d do if elected since he doesn’t have an issues page on his website. 

Kimberly Graham – First to announce her candidacy in the primary, Kimberly Graham was ignored by National Democrats and hasn’t been quiet about itnoting “the DSCC doesn’t have a good track record of picking winners.”

Graham embraces the label “too liberal for Iowa”, and is all in for self-proclaimed socialist, Bernie Sanders. Graham backs some truly radical ideas, including Medicare for All, publicly-funded elections and the Green New Deal. Graham also recently grabbed headlines when she threatened a tracker with lawsuit. 

Eddie Mauro - Self-funder Eddie Mauro has managed to offend everyone from veterans to victims of gun violence. As a two-time failed candidate for elected office, Mauro is desperately hoping the saying rings true: “Third time’s the charm!” 

Mauro has been vocal about his disapproval of the way one of his opponents, Theresa Greenfield, is running her campaign. From calling her out and stating her “silence is deafening” on the issues to “it’s not very Iowa nice to pull the wool” over Iowans’ eyes by breaking her pledge not to accept corporate money, Mauro isn’t holding back when it comes to his primary opponents.

Theresa Greenfield – Chuck Schumer and Washington Democrats have anointed their candidate in Des Moines real estate executive Theresa Greenfield. The Minnesota native stays in the “windowless basement” -- prioritizing raising money over holding town halls with Iowans (she hasn’t held one in 253 days). When she does surface, Greenfield is careful not to answer any questions, take any real policy positions, deceives Iowans over accepting corporate dollars, and kicks out cameras out of events. Instead, Greenfield plays dodgeball with voters and makes vague comments and gaffes -- like saying she’s open to socialist ideas like Medicare for All or calling Senator Ernst a socialist (?). 

Cal Woods – The latest to join the race is West Des Moines realtor Cal Woods. An unknown candidate, Woods is having a tough time standing out amongst the crowded field. Perhaps that has something to do with his lack of online presence, considering his campaign doesn’t even have a Facebook page or a website.  



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