DES MOINES — After two years of bogus cries of collusion from obstructionist Democrats and liberal mainstream media, Attorney General Barr and Robert Mueller have concluded there was no collusion or obstruction. Of course, this confirms what we have known all along — those suffering from Trump derangement syndrome and unhinged Democrats blew this way out of proportion in their refusal to accept the results of the 2016 election.

The topic has rarely been mentioned in Iowa, proving voters in the Hawkeye state already knew the investigation was overblown:

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Yet 2020 Democrats parading through Iowa have widely and recklessly speculated on what Mueller’s investigation would reveal:

Shortly after the preliminary report was released, Sens. Sanders and Warren shamelessly used the findings to build out their campaign lists, making it very clear what this has been about all along — Democrats have spread lies about the investigation to advance their far-left, radical agenda, and the opportunism hasn’t stopped even though Mueller’s findings have vindicated President Trump.

As 2020 Democratic presidential hopefuls continue making their case in Iowa, Iowans should make these opportunistic, out-of-touch candidates answer for all the time, energy, and money spent on this witch-less witch hunt. 675 days, 25 million dollars, 2,800+ subpoenas, 121 interviews/testimonies, and 28 hearings later, Democrats are finally being forced to come to terms with their ludicrous collusion delusion — now, they owe the American people an explanation for their years of lies and deception.


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