While the Biden Administration is focusing on killing energy jobs and legislating through Executive Orders, Congressional Democrats are focusing their attention on President Trump -- again. 

Instead of following through on their pledge to "unify" the country, get students back in school, and deliver vaccine funding, Democrats are far more interested in pursuing their long-lived dream of ousting President Trump -- from an office he no longer occupies.

"Iowans are frustrated that the political theatrics of impeachment is the biggest priority of Democrats in Washington," said Republican Party of Iowa Chairman Jeff Kaufmann. "This is nothing more than a score-settling exercise that does nothing to bring this country together. It's clear Democrats only want to divide our country further." 

Democrats don't care about working with Republicans. In a similar move to AOC, Rep. Cindy Axne declined to work with Rep. Jason Smith (MO-08) on a bill to help with "kidney insurance" even after she hoped for "more bipartisanship." Now Senate Democrats follow their lead in voting along party lines to use the reconciliation process and push through their radical wishlist.

It's time to call it out: unity was a charade. 


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