Yesterday, the Biden Administration signaled they will appeal the lifting of mask mandates on public transit. This is the Democrat Party's continued push for control over Americans, keeping them in masks despite the science. 

For Democrats, all logic has gone out the window. They want burdensome mask mandates on public transit, but at the same time, they're pushing to end Title 42 and have been allowing illegal immigrants to stream across the border with no masks or vaccines. Cindy Axne, Iowa's lone federal Democrat, is the face of this hypocrisy. Within two weeks, Axne said, "listen to the science," on mask mandates and, "when [the pandemic] ends, you’re supposed to take those pieces out” on ending Title 42. 

The hypocrisy of Democrats is so easy to see, which is why their poll numbers continue to drop. 

"Iowans are over the hypocrisy of the Democrat Party when it comes to the pandemic," said Republican party of Iowa Communications Kollin Crompton. "Cindy Axne wants to keep Americans masked forever. This is all about control over the lives of Iowans; the more scared they are, the more radical agenda Cindy Axne can push in Washington."


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