DES MOINES - It has been nine days since Iran surprised the world with airstrike attacks on Israel. Democrats and Republicans across the country have stood united in their condemnation of these attacks - including Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and Senator Joni Ernst

Over the weekend, the Ivy League schools continued to be Hamas's strongest ally. Pro-Hamas students at Columbia University started violent protests against Israel, harassing and attacking Jewish students across campus

Yet, even after all of this, it's crickets in Iowa from the Democrats running for Congress. Instead, candidates such as Sarah Corkery are taking the side of Hamas, refusing to acknowledge any wrongdoing, touting her radical position on Facebook. Meanwhile, she has remained silent on the attacks on Jewish students while fundraising off of her ceasefire position.

Other candidates like Lanon Baccam, Melissa Vine, and Christina Bohannan seem oblivious to what's happening. Baccam, Vine, and Bohannan are too busy touting their extreme pro-abortion views to condemn the dangerous protests and violence at Columbia or Iran's unprecedented attack. Vine's website even has zero mention of anything foreign policy related. 

"It's time Democrats in Iowa make their position abundantly clear to Iowans and stop letting pro-Hamas groups get a free pass for their violence. Do they denounce the terror happening at Columbia University or do they support violence against Jewish students?" said Luke Wolff, Iowa GOP spokesman. "Democrats like Baccam, Vine, Bohannan, and Corkery are too radical for Iowans and do not belong in Congress."


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