DES MOINES -- Once again, the Democrats’ dark money machine has launched a disingenuous attack on Senator Ernst’s health care record, featuring Iowa’s most radical state senator, Claire Celsi.

Senator Celsi’s greatest hits include threatening to take guns away from those who don’t agree with her, and her infamous social media post about “Mother f**king cops” saying, “I hate cops.”

Dark money groups like Iowa Forward have already spent or reserved more than $1 million in desperate, disingenuous TV attacks against Joni Ernst.

But contrary to their partisan rhetoric, no one has stood up for Iowans’ access to quality, affordable health care like Senators Ernst and Grassley. Iowa’s Senators have fought to protect those with pre-existing conditions and helped introduce the Protect Act. Both Senators have also been leading advocates for rural health care and access to rural hospitals. And this Congress, Ernst and Grassley are working to lower prescription drug prices.

“Hypocrisy is on full display today as Democrats are literally standing with a group funded by dark money and secret donors,” said Jeff Kaufmann, Chairman of the Republican Party of Iowa. “Democrats are desperate and as such, have resorted to outright false distortions. Iowans know that Senators Ernst and Grassley are standing up for them and working to ensure health care is affordable and accessible for all.”


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