Today marks the beginning of a new strategy for Biden and frontline Democrats, notably Cindy Axne, as Iowans continue to reject their dangerous economic policies.

For months Democrats told Iowans that inflation was just a small roadblock. It was about a year ago when Cindy Axne dismissed and ignored Iowans' worries about inflation - calling them "false advertisement."

Democrats now understand how far behind they are on their inflation message. Even before Congress passed the American Rescue Plan, Democrat economists were warning about inflationary woes. Yet, Democrats plowed ahead anyway - now they are forced to change their tune.

Inflation has become the most important issue to Axne's constituents. In a poll published over the weekend, 25 percent of registered voters listed "inflation and gas prices" as their biggest concern - with another 12 percent saying their top priority is the "economy and jobs."

Other findings that should worry Democrats: 

  • Among independents, 32 percent hold Biden or Democrats in Congress “most” responsible for inflation and rising gas prices
  • 60 percent of voters believe the Biden administration is not doing enough to increase domestic energy production
  • 59 percent of voters favor expediting construction of the Keystone XL pipeline
  • 56 percent of voters support the federal government granting energy companies new leases to drill for oil and gas on federal lands

"A year ago, Cindy Axne was telling Iowans that their worries about inflation were due to false advertisement' - yet Democrats want Iowans to trust Axne on the economy. That's not going to happen," said Republican Party of Iowa Communications Director Kollin Crompton. "While Democrats can change their tune, Iowans know Axne and Biden are to blame for our current economic disaster."


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