DES MOINES, Iowa -- Failed Democratic candidate J.D. Scholten has remained silent as Joe Biden and the radical Left have allowed rioters and looters to destroy our businesses and communities. When an activist recently asked Biden if he supported efforts to “redirect” some police funding, he didn’t hesitate to say, “Yes, absolutely!” 

Recently, Scholten hosted a discussion where one participant said point-blank, “I believe in defunding and abolishing the police.” Another went on to say she believes we’ll get to the point where we’ll “just need to burn the system down.” Participants referred to Scholten as their “chosen candidate,” while continuing with anti-police rhetoric.

In stark contrast to GOP candidate Randy Feenstra, who has been vocal in his appreciation for the important work our police officers do, Scholten is complicit in the "abolish the police" movement -- supporting the elimination of funding for the men and women in blue who protect our communities.

“Instead of standing up for fourth district Iowa communities and the individuals that protect them, J.D. Scholten has chosen to appease the far-left wing of the Democratic Party. He is nothing short of complicit in supporting lawlessness and anarchy. Meanwhile, Randy Feenstra is prepared to stand up for law enforcement in Congress and will deliver on keeping Iowans safe.” -- Aaron Britt, Spokesman for the Republican Party of Iowa


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