DES MOINES -- Chuck Schumer’s handpicked candidate, Theresa Greenfield, and her campaign have a big problem.
According to this article: “[Greenfield] has made an oath not to take money from special interest groups or corporate PACs
However, according to FEC reports, Greenfield has taken more than $355k worth of contributions from corporate-funded Leadership PACs and special interest groups.
For one, Greenfield has accepted many donations from special interest groups, like the Green New Deal-supporting League of Conservation Voters and pro-choice group Emily's List, who supports partial birth abortion.
Additionally, an Open Secrets report recently exposed Greenfield’s hypocrisy over corporate money. The report revealed she even leads the list of Chuck Schumer-endorsed candidates taking money from these corporate-funded Leadership PACs.  The list of corporations that contributed to one of her big donors, Bold PAC (which gave her $2,000 in Q4) include groups like the pharmaceutical company Pfizer, and big banks like Wells Fargo and JP Morgan.
Presumably knowing the inaccuracy of the claim in the article, Greenfield and her team repeatedly tweeted out the article anyway.

An important question for the Greenfield campaign remains: Is the Greenfield campaign confused over their special interest donations or are they actively trying to deceive Iowans?


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