Take it from Iowa, 2024 has already started. Across the state, a big question is being asked: Do Iowa Democrats support Biden for re-election?

Last week, AOC refused to say she would support Biden for a second term saying, "We'll have to look at it."

Then yesterday, the Daily Caller reported that they reached out to Axne to get her opinion on a Biden second term. Her answer? Not, "Yes." This contrasts with Axne's past statements of, "I think Joe Biden is a great president. I would absolutely, always welcome our president to come to visit with me and Iowans."

Iowa Democrats Cindy Axne, Liz Mathis, and Christina Bohannan should all answer the question: Would you support Biden for president again? 

The race is already starting. This week, the White House confirmed Biden is running again.

"With Axne, Mathis, and Bohannan's support of Joe Biden's reckless policies, Iowans deserve to know if they support his re-election campaign," said Republican Party of Iowa Communications Director Kollin Crompton. "Is record inflation, skyrocketing gas prices, and a baby formula shortage not enough for them to denounce Joe Biden? That's a shame."


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