DES MOINES -- Two months ago, the Democrats’ dreams of impeaching President Trump were shattered when Mueller’s report revealed there was no collusion or obstruction.

Last week, Democrats called for the impeachment of Brett Kavanaugh, after the New York Times published a smear that they were later forced to correct.

And this week, far-left Democrats are still focusing on impeachment, this time choosing President Trump as their target once again.

Since the Democratic party is capable of focusing on nothing other than impeachment -- placing it at the top of their 2020 agenda -- it’s past time Iowa Democrats tell voters where they stand.

Will Theresa Greenfield, who is apparently “inspired” by Rep. Finkenauer, follow the lead of congressional Democrats and back baseless impeachment efforts? Will Rep. Axne, who has recently said she’s “in full support” of investigations, once again stand with AOC and the socialist squad and embrace impeachment?

Iowans -- who overwhelmingly supported President Trump in 2016 -- deserve answers from Iowa Democratic Congresswomen Axne and Finkenauer, as well as Senate primary candidates Greenfield, Franken, Graham, and Mauro.

“President Trump has been keeping his promises since day one -- from revitalizing our economy to fighting for fairer trade deals,” said Jeff Kaufmann, Chairman of the Republican Party of Iowa. “Meanwhile, Democrats only have one thing on their mind: impeachment. Iowa Democrats should speak up and let voters know exactly where they stand on these baseless attempts to undo the will of Iowans, who made it clear they stand with President Trump.”


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