Theresa Greenfield’s dodgeball skills were on full display as she avoided questions at a Grimes Area Democrats event Tuesday night.
Greenfield was clearly uncomfortable outside of her usual “windowless basement” setting.  Within minutes of entering the room, Greenfield became noticeably irritated by an attendee simply filming the event, complaining “We normally don’t do video” and then reiterated “we normally haven’t done it.”

It’s no surprise that Greenfield didn’t want cameras around, preferring not to have her gaffes – like calling Joni Ernst a socialist – caught on camera.
But Gaffe-prone Greenfield was ready to leave the minute she arrived. In between her initial warning that she “can’t stay too too long” and cutting off the meeting herself after her staffer didn’t get the hint that she wanted out, Greenfield demonstrated her dodgeball skills, carefully avoiding inviting questions from the group.
“I’m not here to tell you right or wrong or that I have answers,” Greenfield says (:32 minute maker). “I want to soak up what your priorities are.”

A visibly uncomfortable Greenfield looks to her staffer to ask “How much time do we have left?”

If you missed Greenfield’s rare appearance, she will dodge more questions again tonight at the Sanctuary Pub in Iowa City from 5:00 to 6:30 p.m. Just don’t expect to hear much in terms of what policy positions and ideas she supports. 
































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