This week, the Iowa State Education Association, which sued Governor Kim Reynolds over providing every student a 100 percent in-person learning option, endorsed Deidre DeJear. 

Teacher unions were vehemently opposed to getting children back in the classroom despite the negative impacts of remote learning. This endorsement proves that Iowa Democrats and DeJear want to keep the status quo in our education system. 

In contrast, Gov. Reynolds and Iowa Republicans are fighting for Iowa's parents instead of placating to teacher unions. Over the course of this legislative session, Republicans have fought for more transparency in our educational system and returned power back to parents. 

"If these teacher unions had their way, students would have been stuck behind a screen, but Iowa Republicans fought back and put our students back in the classroom," said Republican party of Iowa Communications Director Kollin Crompton. "Teacher unions have proven they only want to preserve the status quo in our education system. Iowa Republicans are committeed to returning power back to parents because Iowa's parents matter."


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