DES MOINES -- Joni Ernst completed her fifth 99 County Tour this past weekend, holding 35 town halls in counties ranging from Polk to Scott to Dubuque and Crawford counties. While Joni crisscrosses Iowa, listening to folks in every corner of the state, the dodging Democrats continue to play their game of dodgeball with voters. 
Chuck Schumer favorite, Theresa Greenfield, continues to dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge her way through the Democratic primary, refusing to tell Iowa voters where she stands on issues ranging from impeachment to USMCA. 

As Democrats gathered in Cedar Rapids and Des Moines recently, they were joined by Average Joe’s Gym dodgeball star Theresa Greenfield. 

Collectively, the dodging Democrats vying for the Democratic nomination for Iowa’s Senate seat have held three town halls. The clock continues to tick for Greenfield and Michael Franken, neither of whom have held a single town hall since announcing their candidacies. It’s no surprise that Theresa Greenfield is embracing Chuck Schumer’s windowless basement strategy after it became clear how gaffe-prone she is.
Iowans expect more from their candidates and deserve answers to the pressing questions they care most about. Joni Ernst continues to prioritize hearing from all Iowans while Democrats continue to dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge.


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