DES MOINES, Iowa -- Yesterday, Iowa GOP Chairman Jeff Kaufmann hit the airwaves and joined Simon Conway and Jeff Stein to discuss Sen. Joni Ernst receiving the endorsement from Iowa’s largest grassroots farmer organization: the Iowa Farm Bureau.

Here are some of the highlights:

Conway: “You know this ‘scrappy farm kid’ thing, which made me laugh from the very beginning because she’s actually trying to be Joni Ernst, has fallen rather flat on its face, hasn’t it?”

Kaufmann: “... Yes, there’s a ‘scrappy farm kid’ in this race, and it’s Joni Ernst. And now, one of the top agricultural groups in the state has reinforced that.”

Conway mentions recent polling, which shows the race is turning in her favor.

Kaufmann: “If you’re going to run in this state, a First-In-The-Nation Caucus state, and you think you’re going to be able to dodge tough questions from reporters, and dodge forums, and dodge the people of Iowa, it isn’t going to work… It’s going to blow up in Theresa Greenfield’s face in my opinion.”

Conway concludes: “To see a candidate that needs to be elected by the whole state, essentially hiding, is just a remarkable thing. I’m stunned by this approach.”

Listen to the segment by clicking here.

Stein: “I'm wondering what you think about the state of the race when polls by groups that, again, shall we say, lean left, have those kinds of numbers in them? That’s gotta be very encouraging for you and your role.”

Kaufmann: “... You know, Theresa Greenfield, when she actually does emerge from her basement to actually see a stalk of corn, although she actually has still not been to half of the counties in Iowa, and by the way, those are our rural counties. 

“So she can call herself a ‘scrappy farm kid’ all she wants, but the bottom line is we know who the scrappy farm kid is: It’s the one that actually grew up on a farm and still lives in a small town in Red Oak and that’s Joni Ernst.”

“I don’t think Chuck Schumer can pump in enough money to actually overcome what is decades and decades of demands on the part of Iowans that they actually get to know their candidates.”

Listen to the segment by clicking here.


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