DES MOINES, Iowa -- Yesterday, Senator Joni Ernst received yet another endorsement from a major Iowa agriculture organization, the Iowa Cattelmen’s Association. This comes after she also received endorsements from the Iowa Farm Bureau and the Iowa Corn Growers.

Last night, President Trump once again praised Sen. Ernst for being a relentless fighter for farmers and the ethanol industry. 

Her liberal opponent, failed real estate executive Theresa Greenfield, has been resoundingly rejected by the ag community. This comes as no surprise given she has yet to visit dozens of rural counties after campaigning for over 15 months. 

Greenfield has also refused to oppose the Obama-Biden Administration’s harmful Waters of the U.S. (WOTUS) rule, which would’ve regulated 97 percent of the land in Iowa. Additionally, she is supported by far-left environmental extremists who want to implement a Green New Deal -- a proposal that would cost trillions, raise taxes on the middle class, and decimate Iowa’s agriculture industry.

Bottom Line: Iowa farmers know Joni Ernst will always have their backs in the U.S. Senate. The same can’t be said for Theresa Greenfield, who is being bankrolled by coastal liberals and radical, anti-agriculture groups. 


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