DES MOINES, Iowa -- When it comes to agriculture productivity, Iowa’s fourth congressional district outperforms nearly every other district in the country. Recently, industry leaders have soundly rejected J.D. Scholten and his radical plans to cripple the fourth district’s thriving $16 billion agriculture industry.

Farmers have good reason not to trust J.D. Scholten. Throughout his campaign, Scholten has repeatedly embraced the Green New Deal -- a proposal pushed by liberal environmental extremists that would cost trillions of dollars, ballooning the national debt and shattering Iowa’s agriculture industry. Furthermore, Scholten called the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, which amended the cruel estate tax and cut taxes for hard working Iowans, “horrible…for middle class Americans.”

Meanwhile, Randy Feenstra has made clear from the start that he will be a champion for rural Iowa. Respected boots-on-the-ground organizations such as the Iowa Farm Bureau and Iowa Corn Growers Association have endorsed Feenstra for Congress. These grassroots, farmer-led groups know that Feenstra will fight to expand market access for their products, fund infrastructure for rural communities, and block socialist proposals such as the Green New Deal.

Bottom Line: Socialist J.D. Scholten wants to dismantle Iowa farms, ignoring the rural businesses and communities supported by the fourth district’s robust ag economy. From his support for the Green New Deal to placing crippling taxes on farmers, it is no surprise that Iowa’s agriculture industry is coalescing around Randy Feenstra, who will deliver for farmers in Congress.


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