DES MOINES -- Faced with growing pressure from Democrats and many others, Chuck Schumer’s candidate Theresa Greenfield was forced to break her silence and maintain her loyalty to Schumer on impeachment from the windowless basement.
“It’s no surprise that Theresa Greenfield admitted that she would be a loyal vote for Chuck Schumer’s agenda over Iowans, opting to side with the unhinged forces of the radical Left and desperately working to undo the 2016 election results,” said Chairman Kaufmann.
“While The Swamp has been trying to impeach the president since Inauguration Day, Sens. Ernst and Grassley have been getting results for Iowans -- including passing the USMCA, working on bills to lower prescription drug costs and reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act.
“Greenfield’s admission that she would have voted to remove our duly-elected President tells Iowans everything they need to know: Theresa Greenfield has no interest in working to deliver for Iowans -- instead, she would focus on partisan political stunts that benefit her party bosses in Washington.”


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