DES MOINES, Iowa -- Despite China’s nefarious history of unfair trade practices, stealing our data, and intellectual property theft, Rep. Abby Finkenauer has yet to speak up and hold China accountable. Iowans deserve to know if she plans to confront the Chinese Communist Party, or if she will stand behind Joe Biden who insists that China is “not competition for us.”

Finkenauer has been in lock-step with Biden every step of the way. She was eager to endorse his failed Iowa caucus campaign, and she stayed silent when credible sexual assault allegations came up against him. So it’s no surprise that Finkenauer has failed to call out China, considering Biden thinks they are “not bad folks” and “not competition for us.” She even echoed Biden by criticizing President Trump for taking on China’s unfair trade practices, despite the fact that they had been taking advantage of our farmers for decades.

In contrast, Ashley Hinson has a unique understanding of the threat China poses to U.S. agriculture, pharmaceuticals, and more. Not only has Hinson directly addressed these threats, but she’s also proposed solutions -- including enforcing China’s pledge to buy more American agriculture products, tightening “Buy American” laws to support American-made pharmaceuticals, and investigating Chinese data stealing.

“While Ashley Hinson has demonstrated strength and willingness to stand up to China, we have heard nothing but crickets from Absent Abby. Finkenauer and Biden have no interest in holding China accountable, which will harm American workers and industries for decades to come. Iowans are ready for a leader like Ashley Hinson, who will protect them and level the playing field with China.” -- Iowa GOP Spokesman Aaron Britt



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