Last week, a Des Moines Register poll showed Republicans have a strong advantage in each of Iowa’s four congressional districts, including a 49 to 46 percent lead in the first. A Gallup poll was also released showing GOP congressional approval hit a 15-year high. 

Another new poll has now confirmed Finkenauer is in trouble, showing a virtual tie. What’s more, President Trump is overwhelmingly popular in the district with a 51 percent approval rating. The president also leads presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden by a staggering six percentage points. 

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“Abby Finkenauer was elected to Congress based on false promises, including that she would work with anyone to get things done. Instead, she has done nothing but resist and obstruct President Trump and his agenda, whether it was voting for impeachment or playing politics with the USMCA. First district Iowans are ready to have an effective conservative leader representing them once again.” -- Iowa GOP Spokesman Aaron Britt


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