House Democrats recently rolled out their latest election year scheme, an infrastructure bill which the Chair of the House Transportation and Infrastructure committee admitted was “the application of the principles of the Green New Deal.” Unsurprisingly, Rep. Abby Finkenauer, who called the Green New Deal a “creative solution,” backs the House Democrats’ plan to spend $123 billion on Green New Deal-related provisions.

The provisions within the Democrats’ plan reveal their true motives -- putting the priorities of coastal elites over rural America. As our country begins to rebuild from the economic fallout of the pandemic, it’s alarming that Finkenauer and her far-left Democratic colleagues are focused on pushing their socialist pipedream. 

In contrast, Ashley Hinson has the ideas and experience needed to implement meaningful, bipartisan changes on infrastructure. As Transportation Chair in the Iowa House, she passed bills aimed at long-term flood protection infrastructure and worked to ensure equitable use of the Road Use Tax Fund for Iowa's roads and bridges. Hinson has already outlined her key priorities on infrastructure during her campaign -- proving that her focus is with the rural Iowa communities.

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Instead of creating meaningful change for recovering rural communities, Rep. Finkenauer has chosen partisan posturing in an election year. Iowans need leaders that will get them the resources they need to help revitalize their communities, and Ashley Hinson has the right plan and necessary experience to do just that.


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