Iowa Senate candidate Michael Franken isn’t holding back on the campaign trail. Franken is calling out national Democrats for supporting the wrong candidate and said they need to stop pushing their dark money in Iowa.

  • At an event in Osage, he explained how he entered the race after being unimpressed by Theresa Greenfield: “You gotta bring substance.” He added, “You need to win on the strength of your candidate. I was convinced they didn’t do that. They had other, lesser demands placed upon them to choose their candidate.”

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  • In an interview with the Storm Lake Times, Franken also said Greenfield has “an empty resume.”  
  • Franken pointed out at another event later that day that Washington Democrats continue to fail in Iowa: “They are 0 for 3 at present. They choose their candidates, reaching into states to decide based on a business plan that’s not really based on Iowa.” He went on later to say, “Maybe we shouldn’t be bringing in external money and large PACs to promote Washington’s candidates.”

WATCH the video HERE

Unlike her Democratic primary opponents, Greenfield seems to believe she doesn’t need to hold public events to meet with Iowans. Greenfield has opted instead to follow Schumer’s orders to stay in a windowless basement raising money and rely on his dark money to survive the primary.

But, according to the latest Des Moines Register poll, it’s not working. Greenfield’s name ID remains low and of those who know her, about as many people have a negative view of her as they do positive. 



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