DES MOINES -- Better Democracy PAC, launched and funded by failed Democratic gubernatorial candidate Fred Hubbell, recently sent out emails fundraising off of the hysteria and panic surrounding COVID-19. 



The first email reads in part, “Total Republican control is bad for Iowans in normal times - but potentially dangerous in these uncertain times. Pitch in $25 now to help us flip the Iowa House," then it ominously warns, "Coronavirus is spreading in Iowa." The second email flatly states that Republicans don't care about Iowa schools, which is a deeply disturbing statement and an absolute lie.

These baseless attacks reference a Democrat amendment (H-8164) which was offered to the Legislature’s emergency response plan (SF 2408). The fact is, every piece of their amendment -- including telehealth provisions, unemployment benefits (for sick Iowans and workers impacted by business closures), and eviction/foreclosure protections -- has already been addressed and acted on by Governor Reynolds and the federal government. What’s more, investment in K-12 education is at a historic high and has NEVER been cut under GOP leadership in the past decade.

Democrats are clearly desperate to take back the Iowa House, but now they have sunk to a new low -- resulting in fear mongering in a disgusting attempt to fulfill their unquenchable thirst for power. 

“Every single Iowa Democrat should denounce this inappropriate partisan political activity as we continue to address this global health crisis,” said Jeff Kaufmann, Chairman of the Republican Party of Iowa. “Their fear mongering in these uncertain times is absolutely shameful. Iowans expect leaders to unite and get things done, but Democrats are more interested in political pot shots, Swamp games & bankrolling their out-of-touch campaigns than they are in coming together for the good of the country.”


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