Yesterday, the US national average gas price hit an all-time high according to Gas Buddy. Coming in at $4.104 per gallon, this record beats 2008's record of 4.103 per gallon.

This is not a short-term problem facing Iowans or Americans, we will face higher gas prices for years to come. While Democrats like Cindy Axne and Joe Biden try to save face, Iowans know they are full of it. Remember, Axne tried to say that inflation worries were "false advertisement."

In true Democrat Party fashion, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg insinuated that Iowans should just buy electric vehicles and stop being poor. And Democrats like Axne are just going along with it.

"Iowans are looking at the long road ahead and know Cindy Axne is sitting quietly in Washington, ignoring the problems facing Iowans," said Republican Party of Iowa Communications Director Kollin Crompton. "Axne sat idly by as Joe Biden caused record-high gas prices."


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