Due to the conservative budgeting practices of Gov. Kim Reynolds and the Republican-led Legislature, Iowa has been put on a healthy fiscal path. Republicans have always promised to put Iowa's fiscal health at the forefront of their agenda and now Iowans are seeing Republicans deliver on those promises, even as we weather the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Today, Gov. Reynolds announced the state will close the 2021 Fiscal Year with a $1,238.6 billion surplus. Despite all the obstacles and challenges, as well as cries from legislative Democrats to spend more than the state takes in, Gov. Reynolds and Republicans held firm on their commitment to responsible state budgeting. They made increased investments in education, funded healthcare during the pandemic and maintained commitments to vital areas such as workforce development, agriculture and infrastructure, all while balancing the budget. 

Along with the announcement of Iowa's record-breaking budget surplus, recent headlines have shown their successes:

"The consequences of Democrat leadership and Republican leadership could not be more clear. Democrats in control of the government in Washington, D.C. are implementing policies that have unleashed government spending and tax hikes," said Republican Party of Iowa Co-Chair Linda Upmeyer. "Meanwhile, Iowa Republicans are providing the state of Iowa with stability and opportunity. Iowans see the difference in leadership and value the budgeting practices of Iowa Republicans."


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