Today, Team Joni launched a new ad exposing Theresa Greenfield’s blatant lie that she isn’t accepting “one dime” in special interest money. 

Greenfield has been spreading this deceptive talking point since she launched her campaign. But in reality, she has already taken over half a million dollars from corporate-funded leadership PACs, and corporate lobbyists, executives and CEOs. This includes big oil and drug companies -- the industries Greenfield supposedly opposes. Not to mention, she is benefitting from the millions that are pouring into this race from Chuck Schumer’s super PAC, funded by corporate special interests.

WATCH: What else is Greenfield lying about?

This is just another example of Two-Faced Theresa saying one thing but doing another. If she’s lying about where her donations are coming from, it’s clear that Iowans can’t trust Theresa.

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